Saturday, August 1, 2009

Try not laughing when crack meets coffee

Crazy by Gnarles Barkley

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  1. never heard of a rule saying, you have to write in english...

  2. Thanks a lot for the comment, this encourages me all the more to continue my drawings :)

  3. Thanks for reading.

    Quappi wearing a pink sweater.

  4. Hey thanks for your support..checked out your blog def loving the content..follow us @ and to support and we will do the same.

  5. Thanks for comment.

    I like the blog.


  6. Welcome to Feba Fashion!!


  7. Hello Jo!
    You left a comment on my blog, I'm Brazilian, and includes any language you speak Latin?
    I am using a translator because I do not speak English, then you send one of my bubble philosophical, to which I post on my blog.
    How perfect is our unity!
    Unit of infinite worlds, each world and that creates other worlds in search of perfection, thus generating the infinity.
    Ó magnitude! I am not looking for something in the external I meet, is that I think the internal lambuso me, caress me with such pleasure that elevation of minh'alma on those bones that one day will end, seek knowledge for my day to day, seek originality in my, more humane way of being.
    Find what pleases you and that something is not in any object, just feel, take a deep breath and close your eyes and feel your body your soul, see how perfect the union of the two, the perception of the soul, to overcome them for you.
    Becomes large when you realize the greatness that is within your being, is known, be allowed to experience this, do as you please the most, but then, meet them to have an expansion in the new vision that adiquirirá to see the world, prepare yourself first know yourself and build your world with so be prepared to 'see' other worlds and respect them.
    Take the hand that you need, respecting differences is fundamental, criticize them you will decide to live life to criticize rather than to create, innovate, I prefer to see the error and create the solution, the dark path I walk with my ideas , thoughts, creations on.
    Iluminaí you with the wisdom of the path of light and you always will be.
    I hope you understood something. Kiss. Ana

  8. At least has to get an idea of what was written?
    Laughter ...
    This is a link that I use the translator, if you need it too.

  9. thanks for your coments....


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