Monday, August 10, 2009

Phone operators

Qualifications for becoming a phone operator include:
1. Lack of basic English speaking skills
2. Lack of basic comprehension,
3. Lack of understanding of their job,
4. Basic reading and repeat skills,
5. A middle school diploma.

Over the past few months I have noticed the quality of phone operators has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. Maybe I'm just becoming aware of the problem. Its seems to me that the only way to operate the phone for a company is to have lower brain functions.

So I call my phone company the other week.

Operator: Hello thank you for calling AT&T

Jo: Hey, I just wanted to know what date will I be able to upgrade my phone without getting cancelation fees on my two year contract.

Operator: umm yeah are you saying you want to buy the new Iphone. Were running a special deal for this weekend only and....

Jo: Umm No I just wanted to know what date I can upgrade my phone.

Operator: Oh yes of course you can start a new phone plan with us today. The new Iphone is only $399 this week---

Jo: No okay listen to me carefully I. want. to. upgrade. my. phone. without. getting. fees. What. date. will. that. be. possible.

Operator: Oh why didn't you just say so... I'll transfer you to guest services.

Jo: okay.....

Okay so Im a pretty patient person, but after a ten minute wait I start to get annoyed.

Operator 2: Hello this is AT&T repair and tech support.

Jo: uhhhhh could you just transfer me to guest services.

Now Im mad. I consider driving my ass to the store so I don't wind up throwing my phone against the wall. But Im going to give them another chance.

Operator 3: Hello diz eh AT&T guest services. Ow may I assisss you?

Jo: umm yeah so I needed to know when I can upgrade my phone without getting fees?

Operator 3: ok I juuuice nee ome occount nformatjon. hat iz yo Nom?

Jo: uhhh What?

Operator 3: Nom? hat iz yo Nam?

Jo: Jo

Operator 3: Hat iz yo ole adrest?

Jo: what?

Operator 3: sir could you put ome one on the phone who speaks better english?

Now instead of acting like a loud ghetto mess I decide to hang up(crush) the phone. I'd rather pay late fees then waste my time with another elementary school drop out. Anyways I went online and got my question answered.

So thats my story have you ever had a bad experience with a phone operator leave a comment.
or just tell me what you thought about my story.

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  1. OMG!! Too funny! I've had that experience myself way too many times. I always feel like the operators have all types of issues going on from language barriers to common sense... smh(common sense isn't so common). Simply put .. I just can't with them. I applaud your patience.*clapping*
    Good blog!

    ~Nina of *AF*

  2. This would be funny if it were not so true! I have given up on getting phone help and go into the phone store. SO often that now the service representatives not only know my name, they know my number! They get to do the talking to the company's phone operators, and they are generally more successful than I am. Since it is right next to the grocery store, it is no big deal to drop by.

  3. Pensei que isto acontecia somente no Brasil, mas pelo jeito é em todo lugar! = P


  4. OMG......your translations of the operator were spot on !

    they always piss me off when they dont speak clear english !!

  5. Hahahahaha! That was funny! Your sketches are hilarious! :o)

  6. Me: I just received a monitor that has a chunk of pixels missing on the screen. I'd like to return it.

    X: Sir, you have to try to resolve the issue with tech support before you can return it.

    Me: It's a physical issue and not something that can be resolved by tech support.

    X: We're not allowed to let you return it unless you at least give tech support a try. Please hold.

    Y: Please describe the nature of your problem

    Me: Blah blah blah.

    Y: Have you tried blah blah blah?

    Me: That has nothing to do with the problem. Ok, whatever, yes I've tried all that.

    Y: I'm going to transfer you to someone else, please hold.

    X: Hello.

    Me: Hi... I'm trying to return a bad monitor.

    X: What is the nature of the problem?

    Me: There's a chunk of pixels missing.

    X: Have you tried blah blah blah?

    Me: Yes... I already talked to tech support, I want to return it.

    X: Ok, let me transfer you.

    Z: Can I help you?

    Me: I'm trying to return a bad monitor that has missing pixels and I already talked with tech support.

    Z: We don't deal with returns at this company. You need to call the corporate number.

    I call the corporate number.

    A: How can I help you?

    Me: Blah blah blah.

    A: Please hold, I'll transfer you.

    B: Can I help you?

    Me: Blah blah blah.

    B: You need to talk to tech support first. I'll transfer you, please hold.

    A: Can I help you?

    Me: I don't know why I got transfered to you again, I was expecting tech support.

    A: I'll transfer you, please hold.

    C: Can I help you?

    Me: Yes, I just received a bad monitor that I'm trying to return, but they said I need to talk to tech support first.

    C: Have you tried blah blah blah?

    Me: Yes. Some of the pixels are just physically missing.

    C: I'll transfer you to our monitor specialist, please hold.

    D: Can I help you?

    Me: Blah blah blah.

    D: Is the monitor connected to a workstation?

    Me: Yes..

    D: Since it's connected to a workstation, I have to transfer you to our workstation specialist. Please hold.

    Me: Wait..

    It went on like this for 2+ hours and 10-15 transfers.

  7. hilarious!..and so true! last week i called epson printers about a question i had with my home computer printer. after 10 mins of asking me if i had the correct ink cartridges (which was not why i called), I tried to re-ask my original question. the guy on the other line pretended he couldn't hear me any more, saying, "we must have a bad connection." i asked to be transferred to someone else who might be able to better assist me, and then he repeated, "i can't hear you, we must have a bad connection." haha-it is hilarious now, but last week i was not laughing!

    ps- just wanted to thank you for commenting the other day on my new/slightly pathetic looking blog! i'm new to this game and you are the first and only to comment, so i was very excited! thanks again!

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  11. lmaooo, this is funny.
    same thing happened to me when I tried to send
    my laptop back to HP.
    the guy was in India and his accent totally threw me off.
    I didnt wanna be rude so I ended up saying "HUH" for like 45 mins.

  12. lmao , omq , ii so aqree .
    ii cant standdd talkinn to them . -_-

  13. This is so interesting. I love your blog.. although not registered as a follower I was reading it. Here I am..

  14. Thanks for your interest in Duke of Swabia!
    I have added The Awkward Truth to the Blog Roll.
    Great job, and I enjoy reading your posts.
    Keep 'em coming

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  17. lol. thats so funny, yeah it may be better off that you go to the store.

    I am now following you, subscribe and follow me. :)

  18. Check out my blog @:

    i was just dealing with that the other day
    i felt like I was costumer service

  20. OMG thats funny. id like scream id be soooo mad. lol.

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  22. ahahahahahaha shit that was hilarious.
    dope blog.
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  23. lmao, i get this everytime i call them, its never someone in in the states, its like i get transfered to another country. Ive cussed out a few. lol @ the operator asking for someone who speaks better english, i would have lost it

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  25. OMGGGG TOO FUNNY! I definitely had moments like this! One too many actually :)

  26. ahaha that was hilarious. It reminds me of my situation with Dell customer support last week except my situation was not funny and rather annoying. All the CSR employees for Dell live in India. Lawd ah mercy trying to understand them is another story. I had to get transfered to so many different agents for better communication.


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