Sunday, August 30, 2009

Got a life now..........

I started this blog so I could raise money for college during the summer when I had nothing better to do. But now I've moved into my dorm and don't have anymore downtime, so the stories are going to be rare but ten times better. This will be more of a video blog. Also I probably wont be commenting as much on other peoples blogs. I appreciate all the support and followers.

There so much going on here. So I'm going to take advantage of all the opportunities. Once in a life time experience.
but its not all serious so heres a joke

Question: How did the fish cross the road?

Answer: take the r out of free.
the f out of way

Now in order for this to work you have to say it out loud.

and heres a vid just because


  1. where do u go to school? and I LOVE your playlist!! similar taste in music

  2. Awwww, Jo I will miss you, but the books are important. So study hard! Take it all in. It is a fun ride! :o)

  3. omg LOL! it was so funny, :D I laughed so loud! :D thanks for some minutes of laughter :D

  4. Good luck in everything! love that joke lol

  5. Hahahaha that was funny. I hope everything works out for you

  6. dope blog!! be sure to follow mine as well

  7. Good luck in college, what college do you go to? And how do you like college so far? Ps. funny joke hahahaah lol!!!!!!!!!

  8. **scratches head** i'll go read again...

  9. LOL! thats so true.

    good luck in college

    Check it out!!!

  11. Hello dear

    Well I saw you were gone the blog ...
    I'm glad there's so much good going on there ...
    School is nevertheless a precious time, I wish all the happiness of the world to you ...

  12. Hey I followed your blog...i thinks its the most hilarious blog i ever followed lmfao i love this video its so funny lol follow me

  13. follow me i'll follow u

  14. My Babe Misogyn Wallpapers:

    Feel free to announce your blog on mine.

    - Peter Ingestad, Sweden

  15. Cool vid but hey come follow me on my blog and comment its a dope blog check it out

  16. Good look with your college experience. I feel the same way it's a once in a lifetime opportunity so you better use it wisely. I'm about to go to college to only two more weeks to go.
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