Thursday, July 30, 2009

Boom Box Head Bangers

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When you are engulfed in flames

On a whim I picked up David Sedaris's When you are engulfed in flames. I thought the cover was interesting and after reading the reviews on the back I thought I would be picking a page turner. However I was sourly disappointed. After about half way through the book I found myself looking forward to it being over. I even considered not finishing the book and starting with a new one.
The book begins with a collection of almost seemingly unrelated essay's then transforms into a journal of a guy quitting smoking. What drew me to this book originally was the fact that they were short stories. This made it easier to pick up read and put down for a while then pick up again without forgetting important details. The initial humor and interesting stories allowed me to make it till about half way before I started questioning the reviews of this book.

I know there are many themes and morals to the stories in this book that I completely missed. Im sure if I was actually trying to read a story for more than face value this would be perfect. If I were a professor trying to assign book that would analyze cultural differences, underlining motives, and day-to-day social miss-haps this would be perfect. However if your looking to pick up an interesting book that keeps you up late at night, you will be in for a rude awakening. Now Im not saying the book was not good, Im just saying its more educational than entertaining toward the half way mark. The entertaining part is the humor in the wording rather than plot. David Sedaris I has earned the title of, Written Comedian. Like any book though don't expect to be laughing on the floor. Think of one of your more average sitcoms.
Overall I don't regret reading it, but if I had known the author/main character was a homosexual I probably not picked up the book. I have no problems gays I just rather not be desensitize to the taboo of homosexuality. Learning about the cultural differences, in language and behavior was very eye opening which made reading it worth something. I would be careful who I recommended this book to.
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Unknown side Effects of a New Drug

Obama's Educational Reform, The Race to the Top

This really isn't worth reading. It was a fail attempt to turn this into some political blog. But lets be real its just boring.

President Barack Obama is purposing an educational reform in which schools across the nation will compete for 4.35 billion dollars in grants rather than dividing and distributing money. The plan uses national policies that would connect teachers pay to student performance. Four states will be excluded due to conflict with laws that prohibit teacher pay to student performance California, Wisconsin, New York, and Nevada. The plan is going to make educational institution earn the funding and I believe this will be the start to a smarter america.
There is some concern that the plan will leave many students behind, but like every competition there will be losers. Local and state officials will be pressured into performing. This will work for those who improve their standards, however areas in which little improvement occurs the school will fall even further behind, missing out on federal funding. But we might find that teachers will make course work easier in order to allow more A students. A national increase of As but a decrease of understanding can be a disastrous combination.
On the other hand if the plan is implemented right we will see a booming educational society. This will combat the bigger classroom sizes and smaller taxes. Teachers will no longer sit on there behinds nonchalantly teaching. This will encourage everyone to step up there game all around. We'll see in the upcoming years how effective it will be.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I love you, Beth Cooper

So I went to this disaster of a film last weekend. I knew before I even went that it wouldn't be worth watching for free on regular TV, but since I had a free movie ticket and I already saw Harry Potter and Transformers 2 why not. Well it disappointed on a level far beyond expected(I hadn't thought possible).

The movie is about a valedictorian, Denis Cooverman (actor Paul Rust) who is in love with Beth Cooper (actress Hayden Panettiere) and dedicates his graduation speech to her while also insulting most of his classmates and Beth's navy boyfriend. After graduation Beth takes two of her friends, Cammy Alcott (Lauren London) and Treece Kilmer (Lauren Storm), over to Denis's for the graduation party he invited them too. Jack Carpenter (Rick Munsch) helps host this three guest party, when Beth Cooper's boyfriend shows up with two navy guys a ruins everything. The rest of the movie, shows the five graduates running from Beth's boyfriend while trying to celebrate the end of their high school career.

Had this happen to someone in real life it would be a great story to tell someone, but it should not have been made into a movie. Mostly due to the fact that the main character still remained an unlaid nerd after it was all over. It didn't seem to make since that after all the stuff they went through there were no problems solved. Paul Rust damn sure sold the look of a valedictorian, however there is real life ugly (Paul Rust) and Tv ugly (Sara Jessica Parker). I'm just saying I looking for a Tv nerd not an abortion. One thing about the movie though, was the fact that Denis didn't get Beth at the end. I like that aspect of realness because no girl that looked like Hayden Panettiere would ever be with some like Dennis Cooverman.

The movie taught a lesson to live your life and have fun. So I'm passing on that advice, don't waste your time watching this movie and have fun. I give I love you Beth Cooper, 1 out of 5 stars. Opening box office $10 million.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Racism Just Below the Surface

Racism is hidden but very real presences in our day to day lives. This video highlights this point. It shows how sidle body language reveals a racist person. The person may not even realize that they hold prejudice views toward black people. Everyday people in the world have this mental conversation very similar to the one in this video. Don't let your subconscious fears/misconceptions translate into your body language or you might end up looking like this woman.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

360 Waves

Have you been trying to get 360 waves without success. Brushing and Brushing just doesn't seem to work for you and you have tried everything in the book. Well I have the answers, my struggling brothers. If you want waves like these follow my steps and I guarantee that your waves will look as good as mine. (Steps will be added later)

These photos are taken after a BAD hair day because I wanted to show the difference between sleeping with a wave cap and do-rag.

Ill try to get a good hair day pic in later. But please comment and ask any questions you have I'll be happy to answer.

360 waves on a Bad Hair Day