Monday, October 19, 2009

I want to go to College for the rest of my lIfe

Not really.... But I haven't had this much fun in a long time. This song/video describes my weekends perfectly. Its everything the movies and the media makes it out to be.
The best part is chilling with my down-to-earth homies

I'm not going to say which college I go to. (not yet anyway) just know:
Its in North Carolina- even though most people are from the North
Its private highly selective- you have to be smart to get in
Its 90% Caucasian- which is less than 10% black
Its very expensive- scholarships are a must

Ten most interesting things I experienced at college

10. Meeting people. I met a hundred and ten people. They all recycled the same five damn names
Girls: Jessica, Emily, Amanda, Sarah, Jennifer
Boys: Eric, James, John, David, Chris

You can yell any one of these names and twenty people would turn their heads. The great part is if you forget someone's name just pick from the five most times your probably right.

9. School work. uuuuuuhhhhh yeah. My teacher opps correction professor assigned a paper on how our culture affects us. WHAT and then was surprised when people weren't sure what to right about.

8. People moving laundry. They said, "gently move the clothes if you need the washer." How about you gently remove my foot out your ass if you touch my laundry.

7. Drunk people. Im not gonna lie, I been one of them. Time isn't wasted when your getting wasted sooooo fill up my cup.

6. People breaking the rules already. Luckily our RA doesn't care. But we have suite in our dorm that has an unmistakable alcohol smell when you walk by. There's also a girl who has a rabbit.

5. No roommate, but some weird ass suite-mates. So I lucked out and got a room to myself. But there are some sheltered people here.

Jo: Whose the most attractive black woman in your opinion?

Terry: Hail Berry

Not Halle Berry. he pronounced it HELL BERRY. Where are these people from?

4. Did you just start an argument with the teacher? I was just shocked that these nerds really just tried to argue with the professor. In Statics nonetheless. Math is Math its not debatable but they really did try.

3. Cookout. Its a burger joint in the south that stays open 24hrs. The best part is its so cheap. Every time I go we pack like seven people in someone's car and make a huge order. They are always like, "is that all in were like no."

2. Parties of course.
Party themes:
Golf hoes tennis pros.-guys dress like golfers girls like tennis players
jungle party.-wear animal print
highlighter party.-wear a white-tee and right on people's shirts with highlighter
Togo party- self-explanatory
pajama party- girls in lingerie guys in pj
Demolition Party- get an old car. Then tear it to pieces with whatever you can find.
Frieze bee Party- chug beer from frieze bees
Frat parties- Beer Pong

1. Running through sprinkles in boxers at 2. am. When your with the right people its a lot of fun.

I'll try to post more, but I'm always so busy. I see why people say college is the best four years of your life.

I'm nice right now