Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama's Educational Reform, The Race to the Top

This really isn't worth reading. It was a fail attempt to turn this into some political blog. But lets be real its just boring.

President Barack Obama is purposing an educational reform in which schools across the nation will compete for 4.35 billion dollars in grants rather than dividing and distributing money. The plan uses national policies that would connect teachers pay to student performance. Four states will be excluded due to conflict with laws that prohibit teacher pay to student performance California, Wisconsin, New York, and Nevada. The plan is going to make educational institution earn the funding and I believe this will be the start to a smarter america.
There is some concern that the plan will leave many students behind, but like every competition there will be losers. Local and state officials will be pressured into performing. This will work for those who improve their standards, however areas in which little improvement occurs the school will fall even further behind, missing out on federal funding. But we might find that teachers will make course work easier in order to allow more A students. A national increase of As but a decrease of understanding can be a disastrous combination.
On the other hand if the plan is implemented right we will see a booming educational society. This will combat the bigger classroom sizes and smaller taxes. Teachers will no longer sit on there behinds nonchalantly teaching. This will encourage everyone to step up there game all around. We'll see in the upcoming years how effective it will be.

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