Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I love you, Beth Cooper

So I went to this disaster of a film last weekend. I knew before I even went that it wouldn't be worth watching for free on regular TV, but since I had a free movie ticket and I already saw Harry Potter and Transformers 2 why not. Well it disappointed on a level far beyond expected(I hadn't thought possible).

The movie is about a valedictorian, Denis Cooverman (actor Paul Rust) who is in love with Beth Cooper (actress Hayden Panettiere) and dedicates his graduation speech to her while also insulting most of his classmates and Beth's navy boyfriend. After graduation Beth takes two of her friends, Cammy Alcott (Lauren London) and Treece Kilmer (Lauren Storm), over to Denis's for the graduation party he invited them too. Jack Carpenter (Rick Munsch) helps host this three guest party, when Beth Cooper's boyfriend shows up with two navy guys a ruins everything. The rest of the movie, shows the five graduates running from Beth's boyfriend while trying to celebrate the end of their high school career.

Had this happen to someone in real life it would be a great story to tell someone, but it should not have been made into a movie. Mostly due to the fact that the main character still remained an unlaid nerd after it was all over. It didn't seem to make since that after all the stuff they went through there were no problems solved. Paul Rust damn sure sold the look of a valedictorian, however there is real life ugly (Paul Rust) and Tv ugly (Sara Jessica Parker). I'm just saying I looking for a Tv nerd not an abortion. One thing about the movie though, was the fact that Denis didn't get Beth at the end. I like that aspect of realness because no girl that looked like Hayden Panettiere would ever be with some like Dennis Cooverman.

The movie taught a lesson to live your life and have fun. So I'm passing on that advice, don't waste your time watching this movie and have fun. I give I love you Beth Cooper, 1 out of 5 stars. Opening box office $10 million.

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  1. Well, I have some points to disagree with you. To begin, I don't think Dennis was ugly at all. Besides his nose, he's just an average looking guy. His major problem is that he is completely geeky and "retarded". It's psychological, not physical.

    Seriously, in my life I saw guys way worse looking than him with pretty and popular girlfriends. However, I never saw somebody as dumb as him even kissing a pretty girl life once (unless she's also a retarded nerd, what Beth obviously wasn't: she was only "retarded", but definitely not in the nerdy, "control freak", way of the word).

    However, I liked the movie. Even though it's completely unrealistic, the fact that all characters (besides the black girl) are completely stupid and ilogical make the film kinda fun to watch. Feel that "others shame"* is kinda stressing but unusually great.

    *I'm Brazilian and here we say "vergonha alheia", but I have no idea how it translates into english. It reffers to "feeling the shame" for all of the characters's stupid quotes and/or actions.


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