Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tyra Banks is an Idiot

Does anyone else see how stupid Tyra Banks is. Am I the only one questioning why she has her own show. In the past talk shows were hosted by people who were actually interesting or have something to say to the world.

Tyra is a 35 year old woman who hasn't had kids, has never been married, and has had nothing significantly tragic or inspiring happen to her. However, for some reasons, she feels she has the authority to give advice to people who experienced more than her.

Tyra just because you were raised in a loving home does not give you the right to dictate or advise what people should do in there home. Under this logic everyone who went to school is qualified to teach. For instance you told a woman that she should not allow her daughter to sleep in the same room as her boyfriend. The woman was trying to tell you that there going to do it anyway because she is not there most of the time. Do you have kids. Are you really telling a woman who has kids what is best for her kids.
I'll give credit where credit is due, she was a beautiful model, her stories on the show are good, and she knows what she is talking about when it comes to modeling. That doesn't add up to a talk show host though. If you actively watch the show Tyra picks easy clear sided topics and then gives obvious advice. She say nothing in site full or different, she just adds a "Guuurrrrllll" or a corny joke.
One of her more irritating qualities is she is so fake. She goes on her trying so hard to be Oprah and trying so hard to relate to everyone that we are left with nothing real. The only actual thing Tyra Banks was upset about was being called fat. While I think the feeling was genuine, the emotion was for ratings. Her fakeness was most evident when she had a show about conquering fears. A woman was scared of birds and Tyra was pretending to be scared of birds to comfort her. It came off soooooo disingenuous that a two year old could see it. On top of that she tries to act black, or be down, but in the next breath every other word is ''like'' or ''Oh my God." This is how you can tell when she has no clue what she is talking about, watch her eyes. She starts to franticly blink her eyes. She gives her advice and the crowd sits quietly trying to understand what the hell she is talking about. One time she asked a guest what she would wish for if she had a magic wand. As she continued to speak, she continued to make less and less sense. I understand what she was trying to get at, but how she went about doing it (while blinking madly) shows just how stupid Tyra really is. In conclusion, the next time you watch the Tyra Banks Show pay close attention to what she says, how she acts, and remember this woman knows little outside the world of modeling. Tell your friends, expose her stupidity. Tyra Banks is a fake, uneducated, pee-brained has-been model, who has only gotten to where she is because of her looks. (which aren’t that great)


  1. Okay blah blah blah idk what those scribbles say but tyra is a lil on the dumb side. But you are right anyone can give advise. She was never publicized as a therapist or psychologist sooo anyone going on her show does not have to take her advise and it is not professional advice. But she can give advise and sometimes (1/20 times) she is right or has a valid point to where she backs it up with facts. So many guests on her show are a lil crazy for going on her show for getting advise from her though. But I do wish she would get an education because she is a bubble head lol

  2. Jo, I take your blog as gospel. She irritates the hell out of me. I had no idea she had her own Tyra show but this confuses and disgusts me. In Americas next top model she is always making the show about her self in someway or another. Whether it's butting into a task, putting herself all over the intro sequence, doing the stupid announcing routine or putting huge pictures of herself all over the model house, you got it, it's all about Tyra. Not to mention the way she constantly saying your welcome like she is actually owed something from the poor girls she has deluded herself into thinking she is helping. AND WHY THE HELL DOES SHE WHISPER ALL THE TIME AND GIVE THE GIRLS THAT STUPID LOOK LIKE SHE IS CHANNELING THE POWER OF SATAN! I HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT! Get over yourself Tyra. You are pathetic. You are the FAKEST personality I have EVER had the misfortune to watch. (I would not have to bloody put up with it if my wife did not love the show so much)

  3. Thank you finally someone feels me she is so stupid and and how in the world do the judges put up with her on America's Got Talent!?


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