Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chronicles of a Pissed off Employee

I was working at a concession stand type food service section of a major department store, when this customer walks up.

Woman: Hey can I get a number 1

Jo: Sorry We don't have numbers ma'am do you want a popcorn combo?

Jo's thought: Are you blind? Obviously that's the price next to the picture of the popcorn. Can't you see the "$1.50". Bitch, I'll tell you what I can get you some god damn glasses.

Woman: Oh well give me that

Jo's thought: "Give me that" I'll tell you what I can give you, a number to a nutritionist because yo ass look like your keeping Baskin Robins open all by your damn self.

Jo: Alright that will be $1.62. (I bag the popcorn and bring it back.)
Woman: $1.62 right? (the woman begins search through her purse for the money)
Jo's thought: I know this bitch didn't wait until right now to start getting her money ready
Woman: (After a brief waiting period she hands me the money) Thanks
Jo: Thank you. Have a Great day
Jo's thought: OH yeah and try not to eat the bag. I know its been over two minutes since your last feeding, but if you eat the bag you might not have room for the tub of ice cream that's calling your name this Friday night.
Transaction no. 374

1 comment:

  1. Okay now i hear you on her waiting all day to get her mulah my dude lol but dang you should chill on that fat ass stuff even if shes a lil on the chucky but im glad u were pleasant despite what u were thinking


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